Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Dog Sees Angels

Call me weird, but I think my dog sees angels. Really. Like today. He comes into my office and immediately scoots around behind my chair like he's hiding from something.

He cowers in the corner, then tries to climb in my lap. The whole time, his eyes are darting back and forth. And if possible, he has a weird look on his Beagle face.

I hold him in my lap for a few minutes, but when I try to put him down, he doesn't want to go and winds up crawling under my desk.

I'm telling you, he sees angels. Or devils. But the devils can't stay. Not on my watch.

Isn't that strange. I have a seeing eye dog.

Hey, if when I'm writing, angels can hang around all day long. I could use the help.


Anonymous said...

We have a beagle too! Don't you love them! Jeane W!

Kristy Dykes said...

Milton preached on angels last night at church. I think an angel-seeing dog is wonderful. Bring 'em on, the angels!

Todd said...

We have a mixed breed....mostly border collie, and I KNOW she can see angels. I agree that sounds weird but about 5 years our dog went outside in the morning and became all nervous...looking up into the trees, like she was looking at something. She ran into the house with her tail between her legs. I came home for lunch and she would not go outside. I finally dragged her out and she reluctantly went potty. I got home at the end of the day and she was still acting weird. That night we were laying in bed and our dog was again darting her eyes at the ceiling. I said to my wife that it's like she looking at a ghost. She finally went to sleep. At 4 in the morning the phone rang. It was our neighbor and she was hysterical. She just found her husband dead in the basement. Our dog loved this man. The next day, our dog sat by the fence and stared at the door her normally came out if expecting him to emerge at any time. Our dog never did this eye darting thing again until a week ago. I kept thinking who is going to die now. So far so good.