Saturday, December 16, 2006

If this is you, please, don't

Today Roxanne St. Claire, Martha Powers and I had had a book signing at Books-A-Million up in Melbourne.

Before hand, we enjoyed lunch, talking about the publishing business and "what's next" for all three of us.

We all write different genres - Rocki writes Romantic Suspense. Martha writes murdery myster and of course, me, chick lit.

The also write for the ABA market where I write for the CBA market.

Anyway, Martha's book title is Death Angle about a man accused of murdering his young daughter. We had a lot of foot traffic today and Martha would graciously speak to people trying to get them to stop and browse our table.

One woman looked at Martha's book title, made a face and said very arrogantly, "I'd never buy a book with that title."

Okay, I can understand not being attracted to at title, but the face? The tude? And I really hope she didn't claim to be a Christian. I'm quite certain it's not what Jesus would do.

The closer I draw to Jesus, the more I realize He's about love and compasion, graciousness. Not curling His nose and judging others.

Does He embrace sin? No. But does He curl His nose? No again. He was the opposite of judgemental and religious.

So please, don't.

After the booksigning, I went to a restaurant and hung out in the kitchen. Research. Very fun. The owners were very gracious to let me observe, and answer all my questions.

Got home around 8:30, very tired, but satisified with the day.

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Roxanne St. Claire said...

I was there and it happened just like that! Regardless of rudeness, I loved signing with you, Rachel! I had the honor of sitting in the "middle" and meeting so many of your lovely friends, while Martha entertained me with quiet comments about the book choices of the passersby. Booksignings can be draining, even demoralizing if the traffic is light. My favorite comment of the day: the teenager who paused by the table and asked, "Are these the free samples?"

I can't wait to start NASH VEGAS!