Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Great Dad

I found this picture of my Dad and niece today while not-writing. I did get over 2,500 written today, and may write a few more before bed.

Tony and I took time out to watch our last Christmas movie rental, Firewall. Not so good. We were so aggrivated in the opening scenes when Harrison Ford's character and his family are hijack but the criminal never says why!

Anyway, the picture on the left is Dad feeding Gracie a strawberry while visiting Pete in Tennessee May 2005. He died a month later.

One of my favorite memories at Christmas time is the first year we lived in Lexington. On Christmas Eve, we were all excited waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive. We were running around, playing, eating one of Dad's favorite treats, frozen mini Snicker bars, and I was teaching Dad how to play a 4th grade girl's hand game. It was funny. I have a picture of that night somewhere. A rosey cheeked me and my brother Danny with my mom and grandparents.

We had a lot of fun Christmases over the years. Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

Another is the year my brother bought my mom her first microwave. It was huge! But so exciting. And we tried to cook the Christmas turkey in it. LOL. Ah, technology is not everything.

The fire is crackling in the fireplace. Pal's curled up next to me on a baby quilt, and the movie continues to play.

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