Monday, May 08, 2006

Youth Sunday

Yesterday was Youth Sunday! Good job everyone! David and Matt especially did a good job with worship and bringing the Word.

Matt talked about how we get distracted with the latest spiritual message or insight from our favorite teacher, authors, speakers, but he set a course to find basic truths. Brilliant, I thought.

Matt wisely boiled it down to this: inner life and outer life. If we have an inner, hidden life in Jesus, it will reflect in our outer life.

I wanted to jump up and say, "Yeah, Psalm 45."

Matt's teaching brought greater insight to what the Lord's been showing me in Psalm 45 - see below.

But the verses 13 - 15 are also a reflection of inner life and outer life.

We are all glorious within.
Our clothing, our our covering, Jesus, is interwoven with the pure gold of His redemption.
We wear the King's embroidered work - the intricate work of the Cross. We take off our garments and put on the Lord Jesus Christ.
The lost, our friends and family, the prodigals will follow us to Jesus gladness and rejoicing.

Because we KNOW Him and it reflects in our lives.

Man, I'm going to camp here for awhile.

Great job, Matt!

Off to the library to write, write, write.

Grace and peace.

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