Thursday, May 25, 2006

Update on my dog

When we came home from Kansas City, we found our dog Pal with a bad ear infection. Poor Matt and Jodi got stuck with a sick Pal-dog and for those of you who know him... taint easy to deal with him.

Thank you Matt and Jodi. We appreciate you taking care of our boy.

I took him to the vet on Monday. I had the top down on the Cabrio and he rode with his head over the window, sore ear flapping. I imagine it felt good.

Needless to day, Pal doesn't like the vet. I told them to drug him up or get shredded by his claws when they tried to touch his ear.

In the course of our visit, he peed, puked and pooped. Poor guy. While waiting for one of the shots to calm him down, I sat with him and pet his belly, singing him a song.

"Even though I'm a little dog, Jesus gives me peace."

Not sure if it helped him, but I started crying. The vet did a great job and got his ear cleaned out. His infection was so bad, the receptionist looked at his chart and said, "Oh my gosh!"

I brought Pal home and he crashed, sleeping for about five hours.

Tony and I have to clean out his ears and put in drops, and we have the claw scratches to prove it. He's actually pretty good for us - he must understand we are trying to help him.

Friend Chris - Our friend Chris Schoff and his son, Raul, were here for a night Monday. Always good to see them.

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Heather Diane Tipton said...

awww poor dog!!

Joel Hayes said...

I'm just a little dog, Jesus give me peace?? Sounds like it could be a Country Hit song to Me?!