Monday, May 01, 2006


A word about my CD. I don't really have a CD. Well, I've been recorded. And it's on a CD, but it's a live Fire Dweller set and well, ain't what you're used to hearing on a CD.

It's a good set, for a live prayer and worship session, but trust me, there are some clinkers. My friend Heather's been telling me she wants one but I've yet found the courage to actually send her one. Ha!

Every time I sing with Javier, one of the best worship leaders I've sung with or worshipped with, anywhere, we have some really awesome choruses and antiphonal songs. He wrote a new song based on one our of sets a few weeks ago, but man, there are some pitch issues every once in awhile.

I mean, I guess it can be expected. There's no music or no words. We sing off of the scriptures read and prayers prayed. Javi plays the same chord progression but every once in awhile, he does something I'm not expecting. He goes one way, I go another.

Yikes. Pretty funny to hear it played back.

So, that's my CD story and I'm sticking to it.


Ame said...

I like it when people stick to things!!!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

LOL Come on... whatcha need courage to send little ol me a cd for??

Seriously... if I have to hunt you down in Dallas in Sept... LOL J/K

Send it when you're ready. I can wait. The reason I want it... I've had the pleasure of listening to you lead worship... and worship along with you. It was annointed and Spirit led... and anyone who let's the Lord lead the worship instead of them taking over... they're tops in my book. I love worship. I love annointed worship. The thing about worship being annointed... it covers up all the "mistakes".