Thursday, May 11, 2006

Unusual Day

I didn't write today. I read. Research. The bio of a country singer, perhaps a diva if you will. Very interesting and I gleaned... I literally read the book in one day. About 8 hours. Toward the end, I did skim because the story really wasn't pertinent to my project.

One thing I find when reading bios, they talk about great record deals, or not so great record deals, or having issues with the label, but never any DETAILS.

So if figure, hey, maybe it doesn't matter.

Tomorrow is a long day and I have a lot to do. Spinning, writing, and meeting with my writer's group. I haven't met with them in awhile, so I will tomorrow. Then Fire Dweller in the evening. I'm going to have to write on Saturday and Sunday, but I'm am determined to plow through this!

It's sit my but in a chair and write time!

And... I'm really into oranges these day. Yum!

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Heather Diane Tipton said...

Have a great Friday!