Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Laundry? Check

I've figured out the laundry quandry.

My sock drawer.

I'm serious. I hate putting away socks because the drawer is crammed full of socks. And no I can't get rid of any of them. I might need them. I loathe searching for a pair of socks I thought I had but now cannnot find.

So, having this insight into my own psychie, I plow ahead with the duty of laundry and face the sock drawer.

Since we are leaving for Kansas City tomorrow with Don and Wendy, I had to do laundry. It's done and folded on the living room couch. I'm just gonna pack up from there.

Knowing we were going to be gone, and planning to spend a lot of time in the prayer room, I wanted to make a valient effort on Diva. 3k today and counting. My plan is to get the first draft done as fast as possible, then edit, edit, edit which is what I do best anyway. Plus, the more I write, the more the characters come alive and the more the story flows.

I really like Aubrey James. Her interview scenes with Scott Vaughn from Inside NashVegas are really fun. I actually feel like I'm "listening to" an interview.

And this cool news. I'm finally on the Thomas Nelson web site! Lost In NashVegas is up, and my little bio. So, any new visitors from the Thomas Nelson site, hello!!

Lost In NashVegas is also in the Fall catalog. And, Georgia On Her Mind, Windswept Weddings and Lambert's Code are in the new edition of the Christian Book Distributors catalog.

It's so amazing to think back to all the years I wanted to be in "the catalogs." Waited for my name to be listed among the publishers' stellar authors, and wow, here it is. It feels good. Right.

I'm awed at God.

Matt and Jodi will be babysitting the dog-boys and the cat-boy while we're away. Pal is acting very, very strange. He's sleeping under my legs, under the desk. When he walks around a corner, he stops and looks first. When Jack ran out to the living room to bark at somthing, Pal got up, barked, but never left the office.

I'm not kidding. I think he sees angels.

Peace out.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

Lost in Nashvegas looks so good on Westbow's site!!!! too cool!

LOL On the sock drawer.

Anonymous said...

Happy Trails, fervant prayers, and give my love to Stu and Esther. Joan

Ame said...

Congratulations, Rachel!!! That is SO cool!!!