Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday again

I go through this every week, Wednesday followed by a Thursday. Such a routine. Can't break out.

Saw my dear Esther Greaves Monday night. Tony and I went over to hear folks house for dinner and prayer. Broke the fast for it, but we are back at it today.

You know the thing about fasting? Hunger. Just in case you didn't know. But grace!

Here are some benefits of fasting from Mike Bickle:

Y Tenderizes and sensatizes the heart to freely receive more from God.
Y Illuminates the mind with the Spirit of Revelation.
Y Fasting enlarges our emotions. (good one)
Y It strengthens and deepens our spiritual identity.

It's been a good week and while I'd love to dally here and bl-ah-og about it, I have to get to work. I'm procrastinating.



Elizabeth said...

Three out of four of those benefits sound great. But if my emotions are enlarged any right now, I may not sleep until Easter!

Joel Hayes said...

Maybe you should fast from Blogging?

Heather Diane Tipton said...

wait... we aren't supposed to procrastinate??? Ruh Ro