Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Secret Place

Tony talked about the secret place last night. Makes me go "hum."

I've always understood we must have a life hidden in Christ. Jesus says in John 15 to abide in Him. Without Him we can do NOthing.

Abiding in Jesus we will bear much fruit. Abiding in Him, His words abiding in us and we can ask whatever we want and it will be done for us.

But we have to abide.

Then Tony said this: "There are things God has for us that can only be found in the secret place."

Smack. Slam. Wow. He's right.

Today, we satisfy our longings with entertainment, food, friends, electronic gagets, bloggers, sports, whatever, but the reality is our joy is ONLY complete by abiding in Jesus.

We have to shush out the rest of the world, reign over our soul and abide.


Ame said...


And yesterday was a hump day for me, too.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

ooooh very nice post.