Thursday, March 30, 2006


My baby sister had a baby this morning. A girl. She has two of each now.

Two boys, 12 and 10. Two girls, 1.5 and 0. She's going to be raising kids for a long time. Elizabeth (Lillabeth) is on the left, eyeing peanut butter.

My sister was born when I was ten. With three brothers, I desperately wanted a sister. Dad came to my school to tell me, catching me as I walked up stairs, back to class.

"Rachel," he said. I ran into his arms. "It's a girl. Rebekah."

So I had a beautiful sister. Too late to help me in the war with the boys, but she came nonetheless.

Thank you, Lord, for sisters. And babies.


Joel Hayes said...

Brothers Rule!!!

Rachel Hauck said...

Yeah, Brothers rule.

I love my brothers a lot. Thanks for reminding me. ;)


Pammer said...

Well, I bet my brother probably thought the same, having four sisters. Course I came along after everyone else had grown and left, I was a suprise caboose, lol. That and other reasons I was raised as a lonely only and desperately wanted a sister. Then I got married and had kids, still no girls! What's up with that? :0)

congrats to you sisters.

Hope Wilbanks said...

Congrats! :)

Ame said...

I grew up with a brother - I had two sisters much younger. But I love having two girls - sisters. They are a gift to me, but they have also been an incredible gift to each other through all the storms in the home since they were born. God knew they would need each other - as sisters - and He provided for them. I am continuously amazed at that as we've walked through this mess :)

Elizabeth said...

My parents promised me a sister at 10 too. But I got a 3rd brother....

Heather Diane Tipton said...

I grew up with a brother. I've always wanted a sister. I have ahalf sister and brother that I've never met too.

But the Lord is cool. he has brought a wonderful friend into my life that is the closest thing I have to a sister. I call her Sis all the time even.