Sunday, January 15, 2006

Special K Diet

Is Special K serious? Eat 2 bowls of their cereal twice a day for two weeks and lose six pounds? Twenty-eight bowls of Special K?

I don't know what kind of whacky diet they're trying to pass on the American public, but hey, I bought a box. Stay tuned...

Tony filled in at the Vineyard this morning for Jim Bartholomew. We always like going up there. A great church.

Came home, watched the Steelers beat the Colts, then met the Fire Dweller leaders for dinner at.... (drum roll) Carrabbas. I've eaten there five times in the last three months. I'm SO over it. But, I loved the company. We had a great time with Javi and Brenda, Don and Wendy. Missed you Matt and Dee.

Friday night I met with Lynn Evans for new photos. She did a great job. I don't have the pictures yet, but we previewed them on her 8 megapixel SLR, and there were some really nice ones. She's great at posing and capturing the essence of her subject.

Writing is going well. I want to make some subtle changes and add some layers, but the time is winding down and I'm very, very tight on getting it critiqued. I wish I could write differently so that I had time for critiquers, but I don't.

I figured out I write like I think. Oh, duh, Rachel. Here's what I mean. I may be in a conversation or meeting, and after the fact, I go away thinking and then come up with a great solution, reply or answer. I do the same with writing. I write a scene or dialog and then later while exercising or taking a bath or cleaning, I'll come up with elements to enhance the scene. So, it takes me awhile to get a manuscript ready for critique.

So, all is well. It's cold tonight but we got home too late to worry with building a fire.

I'm reading Tracey Bateman's "Color Of The Soul." Very awesome!


Joel Hayes said...

Hi Rach, yeah I do the same thing when I think. especially when it comes to argueing a point that I need to make about a subject that I've never really argued a point about. I usually come up with a beter argument days later.

Ame said...

Oh how fun! Me, too! My ex would get so mad at me b/c he has the amazing ability to process a LOT of information on-the-spot and make sound decisions and draw sound conclusions. I, on the other hand, need all the information . . . and t i m e :) And lots of it, too. I need that processing time. Sometimes it all comes together quickly . . . and other times it's all spread out. I think I kinda say things like this often: "Oh, and . . ." "I was thinking about what you said the other day, and . . ." "Ummmm, let me think about that, and I'll get back with you . . ."

Anonymous said...

how's that special k diet working? i saw that commercial and almost went out and bought a box...then i read you bought one and so thought i would let you be the guinea pig.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

ooooh I'm like that too. Always come up with something better to say later.

Sorry haven't commented sooner... still recovering from my weekend. (which I blogged about btw)