Friday, January 06, 2006

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First I had to look up eclectic. Assorted is a synonym, so it works. I thought so.

Second, fun day. It's absolutely beautiful here. Sixty-one degrees on a windy, blue sky, sunny day. I met with my old Harris co-workers (they are now MediaSpan Software) because Richard is retiring - again. He retired from Harris four or five years ago, missed us and came back.

I first met Richard in '87 or '88 at a Connecticut newpaper. He was the calm, cool, production manager, I was the beautiful and gracious classified system installer and trainer who had no clue what she was doing. Just kidding. I knew what I was doing. Right, Teresa? Anway, Richard was then and is now one of the kindest men I've ever known. God's speed, Richard.

During lunch I caught up on all the news with Chuck, Dave, Hyer, Jim, Steve, et al. I didn't get to talk to Juli or Darryl or Jo or Ralph, Steve, Roy, Nancy, Kathy and Ann, but it was wonderful to see them. Of all the things I could say about Harris Publishing, this will always be true, my co-workers were the best. I miss them still.

Went shopping after that for a leather jacket, but only went to Macy's and they didn't have anything. Came home. Took a nap.

I didn't get any editing done, but I worked so long yesterday I needed a think day. Will work tomorrow.

I've been listening to Mike Bickle's series on the forerunner and the fasted lifestyle. Fasting of our time, food and money. He talks about how disruptive it is to give ourselves to God in a radical way. We are living in a prophetic time, we are a prophetic generation, many believe the generation before the Lord's return, and there is a call to radical, extravagant devotion to Jesus.

If we say Yes, we are blessed in the deeper things of God during this life and the one to come. If we say No and lock ourselves behind our safe religious traditions, we risk our hearts growing cold to the deeper things of God. We don't separate ourselves from His love, but we close the door to a greater awakening and walking in deeper revelation. Don't know about you guys, but I want a deeper revelation. The same ole same ole doesn't work any more.

But the radical, fasted lifestyle messes with our worlds. It's disruptive. It means eating less, spending less, sleeping less so we can get up or stay up for prayer. Worse, our pursuit disrupts the lives of those around us - our friends and familes.

"What are you doing? Giving thirty percent. You're being religious." Or "You're fasting? But this is a party." Or, "We don't need to sit around praying, we need to get out there and do something."

That last one's my favorite. One, I've never been in a crowded prayer meeting, have you? Well, not unless I'm at a conference.

In Matthew 11:19, Jesus is preaching and reminding the people the religious leaders said John the Baptist had a demon, and they accused Jesus of being a glutton and drunkard. Bible believing, Bible preaching people are going to be offended at the radical lifestyle and they are going to call us crazy, demonized, drunkards and all sorts of things. Our reputations will be ruin, perhaps.

Jesus tells us we will be reviled because He was reviled. But, we will have what can't be taken a way - a knowledge of the Beautiful man. An experience in the pleasures of God, IN THIS LIFE. And I believe, walking in divine power and authority.

I've concluded: Prayer is a must. Not bless Aunt Betty prayers, thought Lord, please bless Aunt Betty, but intercession. We cannot go on without it. We must pray the Word, believe the Word. We must dialog with God using His own words. It deepens our own understanding, our own revelation.

Giving, praying, fasting unlocks our hearts! Even our smallest effort. The writer of Hebrews understood this and challenges us. "Oh my stars, you guys still want milk? You could be eating steak by now. (Rachel Hauck translation.)

Are you struggling in your finances? GIVE! Are you succumbing to the same old sin over and over? FAST! Are you board with church and the current state of "her" affairs? PRAY!

Lookit, I'm on a journey to make this real in my heart and mind. I've made small steps. But I'm not looking to write a blog like this when I'm fifty. I want to be like Anna. And when I'm eighty, I want to walk with a renewed mind and heart under the anointing of the Holy Ghost living a life hidden in Jesus.

But see, that's another thing. This life is hidden. People may never, ever know how much you pray, give or fast. People may never recognize what a great writer I am (wink) but I have to settle in my heart I'm writing for an audience of one. It is my reasonable and exceptable service.

So, there's my eclectic blog. Peace out.

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