Monday, January 02, 2006

A sigh of relief

Ohio State won the Fiest Bowl. Beat Notre Dame 34 to 20. Shew. I can breathe easy now. Matt and Jodi came over to watch with us.

Yesterday was fun... sorta family day. We had planned lunch with a new couple in church Matthew and Elisa, and when I showed up at church, Reuben and Allison Maher were there.

So, after a hearty lunch and good fellowship with Matthew and Elisa (and me winning Apples to Apples again, thank you) we got together with the Maher's and Ramlall's. Reuben and Allison's daughter, Kaityn, turns two in a few days, so we went to dinner at Carabbas then back to Grandpa and Grandma Ramlall's for cake and balloons. Kaitlyn is very cute and very smart. We enjoyed hanging out with every one.

Today I did a few chores and edited some before the game. Working on getting Lost in Nashvegas done, done.

Also, walked and had a prayer time, read my Bible. Working on keeping up with regular times with the Lord so that my heart is awakened. I was praying and reading out of Isaiah 1. Soon I hope to get my keyboard back from Lynn Coleman so I can start singing scripture. Love to do that.



Pammer said...

It is such a relief to have the new year begun, isn't it? You accomplished quite a bit for one day. :0)

Could you explain what Apples to Apples is? Sounds fun.


Rachel Hauck said...

Hi Pammer, Apples to Apples is a card like game where each player gets seven cards with a word - person, place or thing - on the side with a definition. Each player takes turn being the "judge."

The judge pulls from a second set of cards and tosses the word - person, place or thing - in the center. Then each of the remaining players chooses a card from their hand that best fits the judge's card. The person's card the judge chooses, wins that card. First person to get 8 judges cards, wins.

It's really fun and can be played with all ages.

Robin Caroll said...

I'd love that...except, uh, I can't sing. Period. Can you imagine a dog howling in a metal garbage can? That would be my voice. EGADS! Children run and scream, covering their ears! LOL

Rachel Hauck said...

Robin, lol, but I bet the Lord would love it. ;) R

Heather Diane Tipton said...

I love Carabbas!