Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday, the day after

Dad's memorial went well yesterday. Very well. Mom felt joyful and refreshed afterwards. About 300 people came to rejoice in Dad's home going.

Dad was reconciler in life, and in death. Many people came from our old church, men who had not seen each other in years. It was good to see them. Good to be reunited and remember that the pursuit of Jesus is the Main Thing in this life.

I spoke on behalf of the family. I just couldn't see the day go by without talking about how great he was. I basically took my earlier blog post and fixed it up and read it. It went well.

Many people got up and spoke about Dad. One thing message prevailed. He loved his family and he loved His Lord. He impacted many people.

It was good to see Dad's brother, Phil and his oldest brother's son, Steve. Dad loved them both a lot.

After the service, the church sponsored a reception where everyone went for great fellowship. We looked at pictures and slides of Dad. It was good. He would have loved it.

We came back to Mom and Dad's where the kids went swimming, and well as the uncles. We've had a ton of food brought in. Between the church and Mom's office, we have been fed well.

I will miss Pop. It still doesn't seem right that he's not here. I keep thinking, "Not my Dad. My Dad didn't die." It doesn't seem like it's my time in life to loose a parent, yet death comes unexpectedly. Mom said Dad told her, "I think this is it, Hon." So, he knew. I think he was ready to go. He was tired.

He's enjoying the undeniable, unshakeable love of Jesus. He's healthy and he knows now, just as he has been fully known by the Lord.

We are hanging around until Friday morning. It's been fun to see everyone and get to play with all the babies: Elizabeth, Allie and Asa. And we get to see the big kids, too: Josh, Kendall and Caleb.

Life will not be the same without him. I'm comforted by knowing I'll see him again, but I'll miss him. Always.


Robin Bayne said...

((((HUGS))) on your loss.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

((((Rachel)))) Still praying for you

Sandy said...


((HUGS))wish I could have been there...glad that Steve could be is hard to lose a parent....part of life, not a part I like...Rach, holding you in my prayers.... love ...cus' Sandy

Christine Lynxwiler said...

Rach, you amaze and inspire me. I'm praying for you and your family. Love you!

David said...

Love you, Rach.