Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A funny thing happened at the gym last night

Our Sports Cardio instructor does something different with the class each Monday. It's like Jr. High PE, but harder! However, I'm not in Jr. High any more, so it's actually fun!

However, she did have us jumping rope for two, four minute segments. I wasn't happy. But, I kept jumping.

Our Guatemalan guests left today, Anibal and Claudia. Very lovely people. We had a nice time with them, but mostly saw them in the morning and evening.

It's good to have Tony home even though he brought home a Guatemalan crude or something. He was sick Sunday and part of Monday. He's feeling better and is at church today.

Tonight, I went to a Spinning class, then musicians practice. I'm gearing up for four intense workouts a week, hoping to keep the calories down, too. But I get so hungry. LOL. It's amazing.

I have more to say, but am too tired. Catch me later. Love to all the Pinkies!


Heather Diane Tipton said...

pinkies? dare I ask? LOL

Paula said...

me too, wanna know who the pinkies are . . .

Tracey Bateman said...

okay, so what's funny? Your title says a funny thing happened at the gym last night. You mean because you were jumping rope? Now if I jumped rope, it would be funny.

Love from a fellow Pinkie. hee hee