Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Power Of A Focused Life

I'm listening to Mike Bickle's CD series on the focused life. It's incredible! I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I'm so amazed at Mike's insight and simplicity in presenting it. Also, so amazed that this CD series was one Dad ordered, not knowing he would never hear it. Yet, I know at the age of 68, he would have tried to employ the truths of Mike's teaching.

Hang on, now! Don't leave yet! I'm not propigating another method of Christian living or some solve-all-your-problems-self-help teaching. Mike is talking about the basics, developing a life in God through the Word and prayer. He gives 4 keys to help us do it.

Now listen, I know this man. I know people who are intimately aquainted with Mike. He's a voice not an echo on the subject of prayer and the Word. He's been there, lived the life. He hated prayer and Bible study as a new believer, but thirty years after committing his life to those two aspects of his walk in God, he can testify of how prayer and knowing Jesus through His word has impacted his heart, his emotions, his life.

If your heart's cry it to know God, experience His emotions toward you, to know the fruit of a life in Him, you must order this series. I know so many people who try prayer and Bible Study and it just doesn't seem to change anything. Errrt! Wrong. God's word is living and active. It's for us, today! Mike addresses these issues.

Go to and order The Power Of A Focused Life by Mike Bickle. It's the best money you'll spend this year.

Just do it!! ;)

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