Monday, August 27, 2012

Diary of a Writer: Deadline



Dead. Line.

Working on substantive edits and rewrites for "Once Upon A Prince" coming to you April 2013!

Look for the cover soon!

It seems no matter how and what I plan, or all my valiant efforts to avoid deadline crunch, I wind up in it anyway.


Power recliner!
Keeps me leaning against Jesus.

Random Fact: I still use the ironing board I bought when I first moved her 26 years ago. My iron is the one I inherited from my great Aunt Lillian 20 years ago. Ha!

News: Getting new furniture this week. Hubby picks up his Lazy-Boy today. Wednesday, the rest comes. :)

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Leanna Ellis said...

Hi Rachel! I just met my deadline. Barely. Know you'll make yours too. Can't wait to see the cover of your new book! LOVE the title. ;) Hugs! Le