Monday, October 15, 2012

Diary of A Writer: Crash. And Burn

Well, as you can see it's been a month of Sunday's since I blogged here. Why?


Using my words for other things!

I had a revelation. Most writers try to blog three times a week. Less some, more others. I blog once a week at and once a week at

Each post takes me about an hour to do.

Between travel, writing and blogging, my own blog has been neglected.

I think of things to write, but by the time I get to them, I'm weary or have forgotten.

This is the life of a writer. I want to save my best energy and words for my stories. I feel I owe that to my readers more than a quippy, regular blog.

I've thought of just taking it down. But I do like to post when I can. So there's the truth about blogging.

I'm working on the second royal wedding book. Can't wait for Once Upon A Prince, the first in the series to release in May!

Be a peace everyone. God is with us. More later... ;)

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Lisa Jordan said...

I'm not super crazy about blogging. I feel it's something I'm supposed to do, rather than something I want to do. I don't feel my posts are unique enough to draw in a readership. Right now, my readers are fellow writers, not non-writers who read my books. I'm not sure what the solution is for me.

I'm so looking forward to your prince series!