Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dairy of a Writer: I Care About Politics

I think a lot about politics. Not because I'm a junky. I'm not.

Nor because I'm a news junky. I'm not. But when I read the Bible, I see politics. 

I see Jesus as a returning King to judge the nations.

I see verses like, "If My people who are called by my name humble themselves and prayer... I will heal their land."

God, healing a nation, IF His people pray? Sounds political.

As a Believer, I can't ignore the political landscape of my country. If I hide myself away and pretend all is well, surrendering my partnership with Jesus for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven, then I'm ignoring my calling and right as a co-heir. 

So, my first action is to pray. For our nation. For our president and our leaders. For my state and my county.

Second, I stand for Biblical values. I ask for wisdom to understand what the Word teaches me and how it should look in the society I live in.

I strive to think critically. I've been moved by ideas, speeches and leaders only to discover no substance behind the person or the promise.

Asking questions. Looking deeper. So critical in politics.

Too often we just vote the party line. Vote our traditions. But as Believers, we must be transformed by the Word we read. By the Holy Spirit. We must vote and stand according to the truth of God's Word.

How are you voting next month? By your own standards or God's? I'm praying about the vote -- mine and this nations.

I want to remain, "One nation under God." We've a lot to fix. A lot of unity to restore. But with God as our King, it's possible.

Don't sit this one out. Pray. Vote. Be a voice. 


Melissa Tagg said...

Ahhhh, I love this, Rachel. I especially love what you said about, as believers, being transformed by the Word we read and by the Holy Spirit. I often see us Christians fighting amongst ourselves to convince each other which way to vote. And I think to myself, dude, if we were coming together, praying together and seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance more than anything else, we wouldn't have to convince each other--He'd do that for us.

Which I realize can sound lofty. And perhaps trite. And maybe judgmental too. I don't mean to be. I also don't mean to say I don't think Christians should speak their mind about politics. I'm all for it as long as we're doing it respectfully. But yeah...I just love that you brought the Holy Spirit into it...he's the campaigner of hearts. And I honestly believe when we're seeking Him, He'll give us wisdom in every area--including how to vote. :)

Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks MTagg. I think it's wrong for us to polarize ourselves by saying, "Never talk religion and politics."

Why? Are there any two more important topics? They are the foundation of everything!

We must talk. We must listen! We must learn.


Chris P. said...

I AM a bit of a news and political junkie :-) so this topic is one that is close to me. And I agree - being informed, thinking critically, asking questions, praying and voting is so important. Knowing all the while that God already knows the outcome and we can trust in him.

Gabrielle Meyer said...

Rachel, I agree, it's vital that we know what the Word says and how to recognize that in society. As the hands and the feet of Jesus, we must use our voices to vote for those people in leadership who will also be the hands and the feet. When we don't vote for those who would uphold Biblical standards, then we're really just fighting against ourselves.

I also agree that it's our duty to respectfully talk about religion and politics - those were two of the hottest topics Christ talked about.

Rachel Hauck said...

Chris and Gabrielle, good to have you among the faithful politically!

It's not easy to speak out but I think we have an obligation. Our Constitution decrees it!


Ashley Clark said...

So true, Rachel! I love what you said. A very refreshing perspective. All too often, we are so quick to argue but so slow to pray.