Tuesday, August 07, 2012

ACK! How many days since my last post...

It's true. I've scientifically confirmed it...

Time flies!

What have I been doing since my last blog?

Mentoring, hosting company, plotting my next book... Working title An Uncommon Princess.

I'd planned to be here more. After all this is my own, personal blog watering hole. But, alas, I've not meandered by.

I'm writing today. Rewrites for Once Upon A Prince. The book releases April 2013! So excited for this book.

How about some pictures? Sure...
Lunch with friends. Two of the couples worked in youth with Hubs when I met him!

The picture says it all

Notes from brainstorming a rewrite scene with the great Susie May.

A gift. What a nice surprise.

Long time friends the Leslies. Thumbs up from a Michigan State fan!

Hector, the yard jockey!

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