Friday, July 27, 2012

Diary of a Writer: Starting A New Book

I'm starting a new book. It requires a lot of thinking... A lot of staring at out the window. A lot of noodling.

Let's see, what is this book about? What story question can I ask? What is the journey of my protagonists.

This will be my second book in the Royal Wedding Novels. The first "Once Upon A Prince," releases next April from Zondervan.

I'm tentatively calling this story "An Uncommon Princess" because she is just that, "uncommon."

The Lord is dropping these salvation and bridal themes in my stories lately.

I love grasping and molding a high level spiritual theme because it gives me understanding into the journey of the characters.

But yea, midway through writing, in the throws of deadline and mucking through the middle, don't be surprised to hear a heavy "Sigh" or two coming from my direction.

Hey, random questions: "What do you think is the best way for an author to get her book to the readers?"

"How can she best interact with old and new readers?"

"What makes you a forever fan of an author?"

Thank you for responding.

Now, back to me... LOL.

Back in the '90s when we sang that song, "It's all about You, Jesus..." I used to tease the teens and sing, "It's all about me..."

Sure the metaphor was lost on them but I had fun anyway. Got to be kind of my signature song for awhile. Ha!

Praise the Lord it's NOT all about me. What a drag that would be.

Well, I'll make this a short post. Have a great weekend.


Melissa Tagg said...

Yay, your title made me happy! Another Rachel Hauck book!

What makes me a forever fan of an author--when book after book is a total win. When I fall in love with characters and close the book thinking, "Oh please, God, let me write something that awesome someday." :)

Kara I said...

The best way to make me a forever fan is to keep writing great stories :)

I've recently, sadly, stopped buying the books of someone who was previously a "must pre-order". I'm not sure what happened, if she over committed in terms of how fast she could turn books around, or if she just lost her writing joy, but her last couple of books have been a six, compared to her previous nine or tens.

With limited money and with the calibre of writers being published these days being so high I don't think anyone can afford to become complacent and deliver anything that is less than great. One book and fans will probably extend grace, but not two.

Sylvia said...

"What do you think is the best way for an author to get her book to the readers?" The CBD catalog and regular Amazon and CBD websites are a given. Book appearances on other author and reader blogs are important too. I'm always requesting the library to order books if I'm interested in reading them, but not sure if I'm going to keep and re-read them. After I check it out of the library I will buy a copy (or wishlist it) if I know it will be a favorite.

"How can she best interact with old and new readers?" Do blog tours, author chat parties, send newsletters, post alot on Facebook.

"What makes you a forever fan of an author?" Like the others have said it's if they consistently turn out great books. I like poetic writing style with lots of good description;symbolism; romance; good, spiritual truth. I want to feel happy at the end and come away with a nugget of spiritual truth.

Rachel Hauck said...

Melissa, Kara and Sylvia, thank you so much for your input! It helps to keep focused on the writing and the readers! Social media has a way of taking over!


Deborah Boutwell said...

I have to admit...I'm a new reader and not even a reader, but a listener. I just finished listening to the audio of The Wedding Dress and loved it. So I had to do some research to see what else you have.

What will make me a forever fan? Quality. As someone else mentioned earlier, some authors seems to shot out books because they are on a contracted deadline and those lose something in the translation. I like stories that I can come back to and see more in them than just a good story. I had to go back and relisten to the parts of The Wedding Dress for the spiritual messages and was very pleased.

The cover of the book is what drew me to it. You can't go wrong with a good cover.