Friday, November 20, 2009

The Great Christmas Bowl by Susan May Warren

Okay, let me tell you my version of how this book came about. A few Novembers ago were in Nashville to attend our friend Anne Horch's (nee Goldsmith) wedding.

Friday night, Susie tuned into her son's football game via the Internet. His team was in the championships. Saturday afternoon, as we got ready for the wedding, I watched the Ohio State-Michigan game.

Both my brother and husband texted me the score during the wedding. (Sorry, Anne, but it was a lovely, moving wedding! I loved being there!)

So, Suz and I were of a football mind. On the way to the wedding, we started brainstorming about a football mom. We yakked back and forth the rest of the night, turning to each other during the reception, "What if?" And argued on the way to my car to go back to our hotel who would write the book first.

"Whoever goes home and writes the book gets it," Susie said.

Well, I was doomed. I knew I was doomed. I only hoped she wouldn't really write it. She did. In two weeks. Amazing. But from the beginning, this was her story. She is the football Mom. I'm only the football fanatic.

This is a great book straight from Susie's heart with a fragrance of her real life. Please, buy this book for your friends, for the office gift party, the staff exchange. I think it will become a Christmas classic.

Here's a word from Susie about the book: season is over. I'm so we all know, I love Football...

So much so that I wrote a football story! Okay, it's not just about football. It's about Christmas. And small town life. And church Christmas Teas. And family....and traditions. And the crazy things we do for each other. Basically my favorite things about the season.

GCB Cover

I love Christmas stories - and every year I read aloud to my kids (this year my college kid might be too old), the Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever. And recently Dave Barry's, The Shephard, the Angel and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog. (sooo funny). I wanted to write my own Christmas Classic.

So, I did. Well, at least I HOPE it is a Christmas classic. Check it out HERE!

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Warren’s tender holiday novella invokes both laughter and some sweet tears. The vivid portrayal of family connections and football fervor will bring the Christmas spirit to everyone. (Romantic Times)

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