Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dancing with the Stars and Kellie Osbourne

In Kansas City, there's an awakening happening among the youth which has spread to students at Wheaton and Asbury.

God is healing teens and twenty-somethings of self-hate, depression, breaking off shame and condemnation that took up residents as a result of sexual sin or abuse.


People who've known Jesus for years as Savior but never felt His love are experiencing His tangible embrace.
Let it increase, Lord.

Yesterday I watched the finale of Dancing With the Stars online. As a long ago Donny Osmond fan... well, you know.

But the finalist who impacted me was Kelly Osbourne. I teared up during her flashback/diary scenes, or when she finished a dance and ran over to hug her father, Ozzie.

Even recounting what I felt to my Hubby, I teared up. What was God speaking to me through Kelly? What was His heart toward her? Does it relate to the awakening going on?

Kelly entered Dancing With The Stars as an unsure girl. She wasn't confident she could do it. Convinced she'd be outed on the first round. Making it to the end seemed impossible to her.

But as she grew in confidence, survived one elimination after another, her heart came alive. She began to shine. Her weak confidence took on a spark and bloomed toward strength.

If nothing else, Kelly realized SHE could do way more than she imagined. She discovered a part of herself she didn't believe existed.

The daughter of a rocker with fame and money at her disposal was locked down with insecurity. One would think she'd have every advantage to learn dancing, art, confidence and composure.

But here she was, as weak as each one of us.

As the love of her dance partner, the judges and the viewing audience embraced her, Kelly Osbourne came to KNOW she was much more than she ever imagined.

My tears, I think, reflected God's heart in that Kelly abounded in love and discovered it's power. He loved seeing her discover who she could become.

Philippians 1:9 - 10 Paul prays that we would abound in love so we could grow in knowledge and discernment.

Love is more than emotions and feelings. It's knowledge. Truth. Understanding. Make no mistake, in Kelly's moment of grace God's heart may have been moved, but she needs to know Jesus to enter into the fullness of God.

Should she live a happy, successful life as a result of her DWTS confidence, I'm happy for her. But her joy will end in this life. She must know Jesus for her joy to be complete.

Paul writes if we give all to the poor, give our bodies to be burned but don't have Love, don't have Jesus, it's a big honking, annoying noise. (1 Corinthians 13)

The poor need us. The poor in spirit, the poor in heart. They need our time and money, our aid and compassion, but above all, they need Jesus. How tragic for one to be desolate and poor in this life, then die and enter into eternity without knowing Jesus.

Love others, preach Christ.

Kelly Osbourne, I pray you come to know Jesus, the living Lord, the One who died for you, as your Savior. I pray this moment as a Star ignites your heart to seek true love. I pray your moment in the light brings you to true Light.


Sharon Hayes said...

WOW - it is wonderful to hear about another revival @Asbury (the 3d that I know of in the last 30 yrs, & @Wheaton.

Very interesting about Kelli - proves fame & fortune doesn't give us "everything". Love your prayer for her.

Jenny B. Jones said...

I didn't watch DWTS in its entirety, but just bits and pieces here and there. But kelly definitely got my attention. I loved her transformation and her exuberant job. Love that in the end she bubbled with self-confidence and just plain happiness with what she was doing. It's rare to be in the moment, love yourself in that moment, and love what you are doing right then and there. A powerful combo. She was fun to watch!

Rachel Hauck said...

Jenny, I only saw clips of her on the internet, but something about her touches the human heart.

Even in short clips, I could see her confidence emerge. So cool.

The power of love!


Jason said...

Enjoyed this one, Rachel. Never have been a fan of that show or of the Osbornes, but you're absolutely right ... the Lord can use anyone or anything to speak into our lives in powerful ways, if we'll just pay attention and listen/look!

Keep up the great work and I'll be back here often to check ya out!


Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks Jason. So glad you stopped by. I love to blog but usually ride the clutch on it because I've emailed, blogged and twittered away all my writing energy too many times. :)

But, every now and then, I have an inspired blog... :)