Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Exciting things coming up!

Just got off the phone with the great marketing and promotions team at Thomas Nelson and they have some fun and exciting things lining up for the release of The Sweet By and By.

If any of you have a review blog or book blog, let me know, we might be able to give you an influencer copy of the book.

Also, keep an eye out for deets on my Fan Page Birthday Party where YOU my guest will have a chance to win prizes. Why not? All y'all bless me throughout the year.

Steadily working on my own book before diving back into book three with Sara. My protagonists, Joy and Spear, are taking shape and I'm hewing out their story.

Did you see The Proposal? Remember when Drew was at hacking away at the old canoe in the front yard after a argument with his dad? Yeah, that's me and this book.

I think the pressure is really internal. I'm nervous I won't write a good enough book. And need to just surrender it to Jesus.

Here's one of my favorite lines. And it so works. "Jesus, You have a book to write. What do You need me to do?"

Stay tuned for more exciting details here.


Michelle V said...

I do reviews on my blog and would LOVE to do The Sweet By and By! I've been really anxious to read it!


Jenny said...

Rachel, thanks for the chance to help out. I'd be more than willing to review it at my blog as well. I've been waiting to get a hold of The Sweet By and By ever since I heard about it. :)

Have a great day.
eviesmommo at yahoo dot com

Sharon Hayes said...

This sounds exciting - I've had the feeling all day that I should call you - hopefully I can later tonight or tomorrow. Wish I had a blog to do a review of your book.

Love you

Anonymous said...

I have a book blog and would love to review The Sweet By and By!


Kara said...

I would offer, but seeing as on its official release date I'll be getting married I'm afraid I'd be the worst influencer ever! So I'm just going to have to cross every finger and toe, hope Amazon posts it out to me early and I get it in time for it to come on honeymoon. If it makes it I'll send you a pic of me reading it in a hammock on a beach in Rarotonga :)