Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nevertheless, a man has died

Working out on an elliptical trainer at the gym this morning, I caught a few scenes from Ted Kennedy's funeral.

The camera paused on a man, maybe his son, visibly moved by Kennedy's death. While most eyes were dry, this man's were not and I was touched by his display of sorrow.

I've already shared I didn't have any respect for the Senator Kennedy from Massachusetts, but today I was reminded of his humanity as a husband and father, brother, uncle, a man who was loved.

When I saw the one man's face, I was challenged to wonder how Jesus would perceive people and situations.

Jesus died for all. Those we love, those we despise, those we disagree with, and those who disagree with us. As a Christ follower, my leader Jesus reminds me in Matthew 5 that I will be hated and reviled for believing in Him. It's a hard reality to swallow.

Even more so when I consider Jesus died for the Mother Teresa's of the world as well as the Hitler's. And some where in between is me. And you.

We like to qualify things. Compare. If "this" is evil, then "that" is most certainly evil. We want a fair scale. And the truth is, only One commands the scale. Only One decides what's fair.

I am sorrowful for those who buried a man they knew and loved today. Death is never easy. They will miss the Kennedy most of us never knew.

I still disagree with the political Kennedy's stand on abortion, on socialism and expanding government. But nevertheless, a man has died. I think Jesus weeps in a way we can't understand.

I want to partner with Him, share His heart no matter what I think and believe in the natural. I have a ways to go on my journey. To love Jesus, to love truth. We must love truth.

Come Lord Jesus, come.

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Sharon Hayes said...

Very well spoken Rachel, I agree wholeheartedly. And i have to say it "Ditto"