Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is the Lord's touch unfamiliar to us?

Yesterday a good friend and I were talking about those uncomfortable places in God. Those times when a comment from a friend or pastor, a story you've read, a song lyric that challenges our comfort zones and belief system.

He said, "
The Lords touch is so unfamiliar to many. Including His people."

Have you been in that place where you were uncomfortable? Even felt a panic or a fear. I have. I was hanging with some big-gun friends, ministers who, you know, get visits from Jesus or who have been snatched into heaven a time or two, fast on a regular basis, are continually in the Word and prayer, and they were talking about the End Times.

Man, I wanted to jump out of the car. And I was driving. Panic gripped my heart. Since I'd struggled with that in the past, and overcame, I started praying, rebuking, quoting Scripture. Looking back, it's pretty funny because I was more than likely rebuking God.

What was going on? In the midst of their conversation, God came and His presence made me uncomfortable. The entire weekend, all I'd experience was joy and exhortation, charged up and ready to stay in the game and run the race for Jesus with endurance.

Suddenly, I can't sleep. I'm anxious. I'm bothered. I'm being challenged by the Holy Spirit to leave my comfort zone. I'd said "Yes" in my heart to the Lord to walk in a new place, to be wholehearted and that weekend He tapped a place in my heart and said, "This. I want to change this."

When Jesus appears, He will be both glorious and terrifying. We can't stay in a comfortable, thus-far-no-more place in Jesus if we want to be Kingdom minded, ready to stand with Him to the End of the Age.

Is there a part of your life that God is touching so it makes you feel uncomfortable. Is He confronting a belief system that you cling to because it's where you want to be. Even if it's a good spiritual place, not one of sin. But you know He's challenging?

God's touch can be so unfamiliar, yet we need to be in a place of communion and confidence with Him. We want to be like John, the Beloved, leaning our head against His breast, hearing His heart beat.

Next time you feel "uncomfortable" in a worship service or conversation, maybe while praying and being in the Word, ask for understanding and stay in that place until the Lord has completed His good work.


Michelle V said...

Yep, I've been there and know what you mean! I have a bad habit of squirming and trying to justify myself or down right arguing with Him, which is crazy because we know He is going to win! LOL!


Sharon Hayes said...

Me too!! Thanks for this word - I've really been trying to remember to do that very thing - asking the Lord to show me what is truth. Times like that is when I really miss your Dad.
Love Mom