Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's been awhile

Bump! Did you hear that? It's the echo of me falling of the blogging band wagon last week. Ouch. I landed hard.

But I chased 'er down and climbed aboard. Whoo-woo, whoo-woo.

I'm working on the second book with Sara Evans, incorporating ideas from our editor. Good stuff, but I'll be heads down for the next two weeks. I'm also teach a course for ACFW, "Your Write Like A Girl -- Honing the Male Perspective." So far, we've had good discussion on the course loop.

Tony has been prepping all week to return to teaching. First time to be in a classroom in 22 years, but he's really excited about it. He'll be at school until noon, then head over to Church On The Rock to get work done there. Between ministry and working with teens again, he feels like he's back into his passions again.

Handing youth ministry over to Matt and Jodi was the right thing -- we'd stopped being effective with young teens -- but the classroom setting feels perfect for Tony.

He's been prepping math classes all weekend. Alegebra, Alegebra 2 and Geometry. And that's just for the first week.

In other news. . . isn't that cool. "In other news. . ." They used to say that on Hee Haw. In other news. . . there is no other news. Getting excited about Sara and my book coming out in late December. The official release is 12.30.09. So save some Christmas money for a good New Year's Read.

May God richly bless you.

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