Sunday, February 15, 2009

A political lesson from my ice cream

For Valentine's Day, hubby and I went to Outback Steakhouse. We had a gift certificate so I saved some of my Weight Watcher's points for the evening. Not enough, but I went moderate on the bread and ate a small steak.

On the way home, Husband suggested ice cream. Before I knew it, I was in Baskin Robbins ordering a small Heath  Bar Crunch milk shake. I figured, Ah, it'll be a few points too many, but I'll dip into my weekly bonus points.

I didn't stand by the counter to see how many scoops of ice cream the kid ladled into the shake cup. I really only wanted one scoop, but did I order ONE scoop? No. Did I want to know how many went into a small shake? Not really. If I did, I'd have stood there and watched.

Arriving home, I decided to log my points online. Guess how many that small shake consumed? Twenty-two points. TWENTY-TWO. That's a whole day's worth for me.

And I wonder why the weight loss is going so slow.

I think many of us view politics, especially those in the main stream press, like I did that Heath Bar Crunch shake. We don't really look beyond our emotions and desires to see what is really going on.

If I'd have asked, "How many calories is that shake?" Or, "How many scoops of ice cream are you using, and what kind of milk?" I'd have changed my mind.

But deep down, I wanted the shake. It was Valentine's Day. I wanted to feel good, indulge in a little ice cream pleasure.

I listen to what's going on in Washington and I wonder why no one is asking the hard questions. "How are we going to make up the money spent in this stimulus package?"

Or "Why does Acorn or Sexually Transmitted Diseases deserve millions of dollars in an economic stimulus package?"

Joe the Plumber was eviscerated by the press. Does anyone know the story behind Henrietta Hughes, or Julio the McDonald's malcontent?

No, because people don't want to know. The press is afraid to ask. I've found out interesting tidbits on them.

Tom Brokaw said about Obama, "We don't really know much about him." YET, he advocated the man being president. Really? Tom? NBC Nightly News Anchor for umpteen years. You admit gladly you're voting for a man you know nothing about?

Why? Because Obama made Tom feel good and he didn't want to know our country really couldn't afford the "calories."

Obama, the Heath Bar Crunch milk shake of American Weight Watcher's politics. He makes people feel good. He was what we wanted because we just decided. We didn't want to know what or who was behind the man. So, we just didn't ask.

Then, when it's too late, we discover he's going to cost us more than we wanted and take us farther than we intended, down a road with possibly no return. And, like my Heath Bar shake, he won't have been worth it. Wasn't that good.

Not just Obama, or other politicians. We do the same with abortion. Advocates don't want to know that at eight weeks there's a heartbeat. At twelve, there are hands and feet. They don't want to call it a baby unless it's "wanted." They don't tell the stories about counting body parts.

What about socialized medicine. Have you dealt with a government agency? Stood in line at the DMV? Dealt with taxes? The same government who bankrupted Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, and are on the verge of robbing social security want to be in charge of health care?

Think? Look deep? What's it going to cost you? Right now, if a company took government bail out money, their CEO's have a salary cap.

Do you want your doctor being a man or woman who can't earn what he's/she's worth? Do you want him being capped and restrained by the government? What short cuts do you think he'll take on sanitization or equipment in order to save money? Do you want your Lasik surgery done by a five year old machine because the doc can't afford a new one. Worse, the government won't let him buy one?

What happens when the Feds do to health care what they did to Fannie and Freddie? WE will be out cold. WE will be left holding the bag.

I heard a woman on a talk show describe her ordeal with Medicare. By government standards, she could not receive the health treatment the doctor prescribed for her condition. That will be the norm for all of us if this government has his way.

Come on. Aren't we the America that is built on the notion of the free and the brave. Let's get brave. Value our freedoms. Take care of yourself and your family. Washington is arrogant and woefully out of touch.

Look, I don't mean to bash Mr. Obama. While he seems genuine about his beliefs and politics, I adamently disagree. His plans and socialist ideas are not where I want this country to go. I don't believe makes for a strong country.

I only write this because I believe many are going along, just like I did in the Baskin Robbins shop. Not really wanting to know the truth. Ask questions. Then, if you still agree with this administration, then you do so for good cause. You know the score.

I've asked the hard questions. I've looked into the stimulus package. I've researched gov'ts with nationalized heath care. I understand socialism and communism. Outside of being run by a benevolent leader, they don't work.

I know what this administrations policies will cost us. So, I speak out. No more Heath Bar shakes for me!


Sharon Hayes said...

Rachel, another great post, what a perfect analogy - that's exactly how people approach the government. Plus, they don't stop to think how all of this is going to be paid for.

Rebekah said...

Well, getting your icecream was worth it. Great analogy