Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Loving Facebook

I am loving Facebook these days. 

The design and layout is simple, easy to read. It's the same for every member so I don't get lost in a bunch of whacky designs.

The best part? Connecting with family. Siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. The other night I came home to find a friend request from a cousin I hadn't talk to or seen in years. He's a few days older than my oldest brother - they're like twin cousins - and it's been great to catch up with his life. And with all the cousins.

Because that cousin joined, I was able to get my big brother to join. Mom and middle brother, we need you now! You're our last hold outs.

Facebook, for all the cyber communities out there, is the best, friendliest and least likely to assault me with half naked ladies asking if I want to go out with them. Girls, have some respect for yourself.

Otherwise, I'm writing. Working on book two in a series. I'm having fun with it because I already know the characters and their back story so I'm right into the writing and working toward my plot points.

More later...


Sharon Hayes said...

Well Rachel, I guess I'll have to give in - but now I don't know how to get to your face book. I just didn't want one more thing to look at - I have two emails and keep up w/Bekah & your blogs & Julie's whenever she writes. Oh the tech age is too much for me sometimes.

angela said...

Can't wait for the novel. And I'm loving Facebook, too, though it took me a while to figure it out. (At first I was assaulted by snowballs and getting poked and stuff.) See ya over there.