Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A day at Cocoa Beach

Friend and author Susan May Warren is visiting for a few days before we head over to Orlando for a writer's retreat, and the beginning of International Christian Retail Show.

Yesterday, we buzzed around town - unfortunately it's raining so we can't put the top down - and went over to Melbourne Beach, then up A1A to Cocoa Beach to Ron Johns, and walking in the sand.

It's been fun. We talk writing and MyBookTherapy, and about God and faith. How great Jesus is to us.

Then we stopped by my friend's who made a trailer for Love Starts With Elle. It's loading to You Tube as we speak. He made an animated Elle and we "converse."

Stay tuned for more on the trailer.

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Lynette Sowell said...

How fun!!! Next week is MY beach week on the TX Gulf Coast. Right after my deadline is done! Whoohoo, what a reward. Y'all have fun! Hugs ~ L