Monday, July 28, 2008

Book Clubs

I love book clubs. There's a resurgence of them these days - as well as things like knitting clubs. I met a fifteen year old girl who loved to knit.

Tonight I was honored to join a book club who'd read Sweet Caroline. It was fun to meet and talk about the book, hear how the reader interpreted relationships and scenarios. It put me in a whole different mind set of considering how different readers are, and their responses.

I can't write to that, I'd go crazy, but I can work to find unique angles. I love discussing a book after it's done. How it came about, why I made the decisions I made in writing or rewriting it.

This book club was a kind, smart group of women. Hopefully I'll have some pictures in a few days.


Robin said...

Our church women's ministries sponsors a summer book club every summer. We look forward to it all year long. There's just something amazing about a bunch of women sitting around discussing the latest book - very satisfying!

I just finished Love Begins With Elle - and I enjoyed every word of it.

Sharon Hayes said...

Rachel, this is great - that would be so much fun talking w/readers that way. Whenever you come to Kville the ladies at church that have read your books wnt to meet you - so I'll have them over for "tea" or something.

Love you much

Rachel said...

I had a great time at the book club last night and really appreciated that you could join us!
Thanks again, Rachel.

Elizabeth said...

Your pic is so cute Rachel!
Looking forward to seeing you next week :-)


D & J said...

Thanks for coming and sharing your thoughts! Its always great to hear what was behind the writing and to learn more about the author!