Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cutting hair

I cut my hair today. Well, my stylist cut my hair. It's pretty short. But cute, if I say so myself. (See notes on final line of blog.)

I'm a big believer in cutting hair. Religious convictions aside - I'll leave those between the individual and God - but hair can become an idol, a way to get our identity.

Women won't cut their long hair no matter how tired and frayed it looks for fear of losing their identity, or their husband's love. Young women might not cut their hair for fear of losing their identity, or beauty.

We had two lovely girls in youth years ago with gorgeous long hair - dark, sleek. They showed up one Sunday night, sheered, cut just below their chins.

I cheered for them. They were gorgeous. All these years later, they still are. One never grew her hair long again. She's had many different styles. The other grew hers long again and has never cut it. But she did once! Good for her.

We have to do it, ladies, take the plunge, cut our hair, face the challenge of not hiding behind our locks.

Same with men, I think. They can get just as vain or attached to their hair or beards as women.

Three times in my life I've cut my long hair short. Scary? A little. Freeing? A lot. I feel like I can change my appearance without losing my confidence, my identity, my beauty.

Sometimes we just have to say, "Change" and trust God.

Hair for some reason seems to be a huge symbol of change, of breaking free.

I knew a woman once with long hair, really long, and she refused to cut it. She claimed her husband didn't want her to, but knowing him, he would've supported any decision she wanted to make about her hair. I believe she was the one clinging. I came to understand her hair was her security, her mantle, her identity. But cutting it might have caused her to address other issues in her life she'd also been hanging onto since the '60s.

Then again, maybe not. I just wonder.

Now, don't go being a rebel and cut your hair to spite someone, or snub your religious views. But in my experience, cutting my hair has always freed me.

And, I look darn cute. (Did I mention how hard it is to take your own digital pic. And give grace, I was too lazy to put on makeup. Might as well take the vanity thing to the edge - cut hair and show the world with a naked face.)


Lauren said...

I think it's very cute!

Christine Lynxwiler said...

I LOVE it!! :) Very very cute, my friend. Can't wait to see it in person.

Georgiana said...

WOW! Great thoughts on the hair. I tend to stick with whatever requires the least maintenance.

Susan said...

Looks very cool for summer!

I recently had my hair cut, too. I found what you wrote about what the length of hair means to some people very interesting. I was clinging to my very long hair. I felt that, at 53, if I cut it, I might not grow it that long again. I did like my long hair, but it was looking scraggly and thin. What a huge difference my haircut made! It's just below the shoulders, short enough for my hair to flip and curl a bit, so light - I've had a lot less hot flashes since that haircut! LOL! My photo is on my blog - come and see!

Sharon Hayes said...

Rachel, this is really a new do, very chic - and you have lost so much weight!!. You aren't going to lose any more are you??

Love you mom

Julie said...

Love your hair! You look beautiful!

Barb said...

My hair was my "crowning glory" for years and years, Rachel. Ten years into marriage, working full time and two children later, I realized I was only keeping it that long out of vanity and it wasn't worth all the upkeep.

I went from mid-back-length gorgeous hair to a truly short haircut and oh my word, it was so liberating. husband made my day when he told me he thought I had a beautiful neck and was glad I was finally revealing it.

Wow. Totally worth giving up the long hair and so, so much easier. Good for you! You look adorable.

Makeup is highly overrated too. :-)

Lynette Sowell said...

Very cute!! :) I personally leave mine at shoulders, or a little shorter than, because any shorter than that I think my face looks even rounder. :) And then there was the time my dh tried to "give me a trim"...six inches later...!!!!!!!!!

Rebekah said...

I love it. I can see it much better here than on my phone. What did Ant-nee think?

Rel said...

Nice, Rach! Love your mum's comment too - so like a mum - LOL!!

My dad always despaired when my sister and I were growing up. We would always cry after being at the hairdressers so he couldn't understand why we kept going back - hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, my wife is 52 and has stunning waist-length hair. It is simply beautiful. To my thinking, this is not about hanging onto anything. Long hair is beautiful, and the women who wear it long look younger and magnificent, if it is styled right. In my wife's case, that's one length, parted in the middle, for braids, etc. For others, it's different. I am thankful that some women choose to keep their hair long. As for your new look, if you enjoy it, so be it. Women should never cut their locks b/c they feel that *should*, or *must*. No "pumpkin hour" exists. Robert

Rachel Hauck said...

Robert, I agree wholeheartedly. Women should never feel they should or must cut their hair.

My point was many women don't because they feel it some how defines them, it is their security.

Thanks for stopping by my site!