Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ten, Twenty, Thirty Years Ago

I've been tagged by Crystal Miller and Rose McCauley to "remember when."

Ten years ago: Ten years ago Tony and I lived in our first house, but I was working part time at Harris Publishing Systems (software, not books) to save money for a new house. The money was great and the co-workers hilarious. Some of the people I'd started the job with in '86 were still there and we had a close, family work environment.

I'd quit writing for awhile since my WWII epic was well rejected. Didn't the editors see my magic? That summer I attended Write-to-Publish in Chicago where I met the lovely and gracious, about-to-be-published DiAnn Mills. Also, my first meeting with Davis Bunn who I now call a friend.

We also took the youth band on an experimental trip to The River Church in Poughkeepsie, NY. The pastor didn't know us, but felt he should take a chance by letting us host a youth rally. The Holy Spirit blew the lid off hte week. We had a blast, sleeping on the floor of this 105 year old church, showering at the Y, cooking in a hot kitchen. One night I looked over at Tony and said, "I've said awesome before, but this week redefines the term. It's been truly awesome."

The River Church grew about 120 members after that event and we still have a great relationship with them.

God was really moving in the youth church that season. The kids were so on fire, so dedicated, wanting Jesus to be their everything. We still have relationships with some of them ten years later.

Twenty years ago: First, I have to do the math... twenty years ago, '87. Okay, got it. I have no idea what I was doing. Wow. Let's see.

I was into my first year at Harris Publishing Systems in Melbourne, Florida, an '80s yuppy, traveling around the country and the world training news room staff or advertising staff how to lay out the paper on a computer. This is pre PCs, pre DVDs, pre laptops, pre cell phones, pre mall-like airports. Ah, the dark ages.

I think I'd made the jump to the Classified Adertising System and was finally getting my footing and expertise in this foreign technological world. Too many engineers around.

Also, I'd had some experiences with panic and unfounded fear. Made flying really tough. But prayer and the Word got me through! I had not yet found a church home. One Sunday I was driving home from another church service and drove past New Covenant Fellowship (now Church On The Rock.) Something drew me. I went back the next time I was in town and have been there ever since.

That August I met Tony for the first time, but it was months before we talked. He called me when I signed up for singles.

I was in transition from college and sorority life, trying to be in touch with my friends from a life that was quickly fading. At the same time, I longed, longed, longed to be lost in Jesus. I knew deep down my life would never be right, I'd never be happy if I wasn't doing what He wanted.

Thirty years ago: I have diaries from the '70s. Well the 80's too. The spring of '77, the man I pined for since the summer of '76, (mind you I'm 16 in '77) finally asked me out. Peter Rameriz. We went out almost every Saturday night and he rarely called me during the week.

I met him at Publix and would hoped daily he'd stop by the story during my shift. I was crazy about him.

But, the family moved from Homestead to Tallahassee in July of '77 and my hot flame quickly cooled. In hindsight, a good thing.

My best friend was Lorena and we laughed. A. Lot. My parents gave me a lot of liberty so Lorena and I were together most weekends. She was my ride every where. I'm happy to say we still keep in touch from time to time.

My family was fun, healthy and happy.

I tag my sister, Beka, my Mom (you have to blog now, Mom) Christine Lynxwiler, Tracey Bateman, and Susan Warren.


Rebekah said...

I love that picture. I will get to my 'tag' this weekend. This may take some thinking

Mary DeMuth said...

Hey, thanks for being a part, Rachel. I started this shenanigans at RelevantBlog.

Thanks for doing worship at ACFW!

Mary DeMuth

Crystal Laine Miller said...

I love this, Rachel. That photo of you and your dad is just plain precious!

Thanks for playing. I'm enjoying seeing these.

Georgiana said...

Aww, your picture is adorable! Thanks for sharing your memories with us :)