Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Lowcountry

Tony and I are just back from a few days in the South Carolina lowcountry.

Back to Beaufort. We had a lovely, though short, trip.
I wanted to see the city again with experienced eyes, and check out the local art scene with my new character, Elle Garvey, in mind.

I had lunch with friend Connie Hipp who helped me so much while writing Sweet Caroline.

I also stopped in to see her daughter, Catherine, who works for the Chamber of Commerce. Catherine and the Chamber were also very kind to me during my first visit.

I met my resident lawywer-turned-bookstore owner, Lisa Estes. She answered my legal questions for Sweet Caroline and interestingly enough, bought the down town book store, Bay Street Trader.

My local artist expert, Deanne Bowdish walked me through her gallery, The Gallery, talking art and what it takes to run a gallery. Deanna was a great help and inspiration.

I actually had a unique experience while viewing art in her gallery. While studying the abstract pieces, I noticed I didn't feel "comfortable." They challenged me, sort of.

The colors, the structure, the lines of the paintings.
But, when I got to the landscape scenes, I felt comforted. Why? Those are more like me. Yet, being challenged was good. We all need to be challenged.

Same with worship music, I'm discovering. But that's for another blog. We are home.


Rebekah said...

I wanna go on your next book exploration!!

Kristy Dykes said...

What a blessing from the Lord--to meet and get to know these people who have helped you so much in the writing of your books! Wow, that's great. It's a God thing.
Kristy Dykes

Kathy S. said...

I think I'm looking forward to your blog on worship music. I get "challenged" by some of that sometimes, myself.

Sharon Hayes said...

ME TOO!! I wanna go on your next book exploration. :o)

As always so looking forrward to your next one.

Love Mom