Monday, October 01, 2007

Ministers of Fire

I love this idea! Ministers of fire. Flaming ones.

Psalm 104 says, "God makes His ministers flames of fire."

Okay, really, what does that mean? To me, passion? Fiery ones, burned by His seal, imprinted with His love.

Living sacrifices. Right? Paul tells us via his letter to the Romans to present our bodies as a living sacrifice.

We've lost a lot of the idea of self sacrifice or living for others in our current culture, but in a way, the wave of terrorism by radical Islamist reminds us.

There is something GREATER than me to live for! How incredible. But I can be a living sacrifice without killing myself or others in Jesus's world.

Ways to sacrifice? Well, food. Fasting. Big fav of mine. (Not, but I'm working on it.) Giving of our money. This I love to do. But I know it's hard for others. It takes faith - living sacrifice.

Watching my tongue. Putting God first. Seeking His counsel before man's. Reading His Word, believing it and doing it. Putting others before myself.

There are so many ways. I can't do them all at once, though I can try, and keep them in mind as opportunity presents.

Oh, Lord, make me one of Your ministers of fire.

See this great YouTube video. Love this song!


Mom of 5 said...

Thanks Rachel, I really need to ponder this.

Love Mom

Paula said...

This made me think. Thanks.

Janelle said...

Oh wow. Great post, Rachel. And what a challenge for each of us. Great stuff.

Georgiana said...

I love this post! Fasting is probably my least favorite thing, therefore the one I need to work on. But wow, you have it exactly right about the radical Islamists reminding us. If they are so on fire for their false god, how much more should we be devoted to the living Christ?