Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What? Summer's almost over?

Wait, I'm not tan.

I haven't been to the beach.

What happened to the week I planned to lay in the sun and read.


What happened to my summer vacation? Oh, yeah, what summer vacation?


Remember summer vacations. How much fun it was to wait for the last day of school? Going to little league games and the community pool, seeing all your friends.

The summer I was 14, I got a job at Publix. So I worked a little bit every day. Made a whole $35 a week!

The next summer, I "fell in love" with Pete Rameriz. What a flirt. Called me all kinds of mean things like, "Beautiful" and "Blue eyes."

He and his friends actually convinced me it was true. Later, in the fall, we...

Oh my gosh. Look at the time. I have got to get to work on these edits.



Christine Lynxwiler said...

Now that was totally NO fair!! LOL. Are you practicing cliffhangers or what? I feel the same way. Where did the summer go??

Staci said...

now THAT was funny! Can we tune in tomorrow, same time, same channel, for the "season premiere"?

Audra said...

LOL...great hook. I may have to try that on my blog. Oh wait, that might mean I have to POST on my blog huh? I've been so neglectful lately.

I agree: where did summer go? I had plans!