Monday, September 25, 2006

Summmer Love 5, Con't

Sat., April 23, '77

You're not going to believe today! Fantastic! But first, let me write about last night. Lorena and I went to Don Carters (bowling and pool.)

Pete and Bob were there. At first, Pete ignored me and I started feeling really bad. I went with Bob to get a drink (soda, y'all, I'm only 16 here) and Pete looks over at me.

"Makin' ya mad?"

I laughed. "No."

So, we talked for awhile, then Bob came over to join us and Kevin showed up. Pete told Kevin to finish his pool game, the leaves! Just great.

But today, Saturday. . . I went into work early with Lorena since she started at 9:00 and me at 10:00.

Waiting in the break room with my head on the table (spent the night with Lorena, I'm tired) I felt someone watching me. I look up. Pete's standing on the stairs. Smiling.

"Your hair looks nice."


"You looked great last night, too."

Me, beaming.

"Are you going to Kendall Lanes tonight?

Me, shurgging: "I don't know, are you?'

"Well, if I cam by, I won't go there."

"What? Come by where?" I asked.

"Come by your house."

I couldn't believe it!

"Maybe we'll go to a movie or something."

"O-o-okay." I'm stunned, but not about to say or do anything to scare him off. By now, it's time for me to punch in, so I go downstairs, clock in and get out to a register.

At lunch, Pete asks, "Do you need a ride home?"


"Get off at 7:00?" Hint: he knows my schedule.

"Yeah." I tip my head to one side. "Are you sure you want to take me home?"

"Yeah, and I'll pick you up later. We'll go to a movie or something."

Well, scrap me from the ceiling, cause I'm flying high.

I have a bonifide date with Pete!!!


rebekah said...

I've been waiting 3 days for the continuation. I was too young to remeber any of this. I barely remeber us sharing a room in Miami

Rebekah said...

lol...I cant spell...remember. I think I have been listening to Gracie talk too much