Sunday, September 03, 2006

Long Day

Led worship.

Ate pizza.

Band practice. Actually, we recorded a CD so I can send it to the ACFW conference worship team. It was fun.

Three women showed up at church right after "the recording" and wanted prayer. I prayed with them for a while. The Lord met them. How cool is He? One woman came in not knowing God cared for her. She left KNOWING how much He does CARE for her. Should have seen the smile on her face. Actually, her countenance changed. It bears repeating. How cool is He?!

Bone tired. Came home. Fixed a light dinner. Watched Big Brother.

Am now reading. Well, fixing to read.

No edits from my editor on Diva NashVegas yet, but her Friday email said, "The manuscript is in GREAT shape. I'm so pleased."

My heart skipped a beat. God told me He would help me, and He did. The book was hard to write, but my God is faithful. He promised me Isaiah 41:13, and even though I doubted, He never waivered.

I'm humbled. How much He loves me!

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Heather Diane Tipton said...

awww you recorded a CD. sheesh and I didn't get one??? what's up with that? You know you shouldn't have put that in your blog. sheesh. LOL