Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wouldn't you like to meet Gabriel?

Luke 1:19 says this, "And the angel answered and said to [Zacharias], "I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God, and was sent to speak to you and bring you these glad tidings."

Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God. That's amazing... stands in the presence of God.
A few verses later, he shows up to tell Mary she's going to bring forth a Son from the Most High and His name will be Jesus.

This is the same Gabriel who appeared to Daniel about 600 years ealier! I thought, "Hey, Gabriel, what are you up to these days?" I mean, I haven't met anyone who can say, "Yeah, Gabriel visited me last night."

Wouldn't that be incredible? Gabriel who STANDS in the presence of God stopping by for a visit. You know, through Jesus, we also are in the presence of God. In fact, He lives IN us, but I would love to have a visit from Gabriel. I'm not sure my life calling merits a visit from a this messenger of the Throne, but yeah, that would be amazing.

I do know people who have angelic visitations, people who see, people who've been caught up into heaven. I'm pretty sure Gabriel has visited our generation, but I wonder what he said.
But this is incredible too. Luke 1:38. Mary finds out she's going to be a pregnant virgin. Even in today's world, that would be weird. But for her day, it was disgraceful. But Gabriel tells her she found favor with the Most High. He hailed her, "Highly favored one."

And her response to this incredibly strange event in her life is, "Let it be to me according to your word."

There was a Yes! in Mary's heart to the Lord. Despite the oddity and embarrassment of her calling, she said Yes!

How many times do we say No to the Lord because it's not what everyone else is doing or because we don't feel like it.

Oh I want there to be a Yes! In my heart. "Lord, I say yes! Help my weakness!"

..... I've been editing galleys for Lambert's Peace. And will finish Hurricane Allie this week and start shipping it off for critting.

Youth church tonight, then I'm leading worship Friday night for the Space Coast Prayer Gathering. We're doing strong Harp & Bowl so I brought in Jeremiah and Laura to help me.

I'm reading the biography of Vivian Vance. Next I'm reading Gilead or The Living End by Lisa Samon. Not sure. I'm in a little group of writers who are trying to read the same thing so we can discuss it. But we haven't picked a new book yet. So far, we've read The Mermaid Chair and Shem Creek.

Ok, better get to work. Sorry I haven't posted any new pictures, but I can't get them to upload!



Heather Diane Tipton said...

"Oh I want there to be a Yes! In my heart. "Lord, I say yes! Help my weakness!"


Oh, I vote for anything by Lisa Samson! *g*

glimpsing gal said...

Another beautiful post, Rachel. I want to have a YES! in my heart too - no matter what. That's easier said than done some days, huh? About our little writing group - have you read Mom over Miami or The Remedy for Regret? I need to ask the others, but my email screwed up last week and I'm still getting the addies back in place.

Love ya,


Sharon Hayes said...

What an awesome thought Rachel, to have Gabriel visit me, you or someone we know. This is so thought provoking!! Thanks for another beautiful post. Love Mom