Saturday, July 09, 2005

Left, left, LEFT!

I've learned I'm a conceptual person. No surprise really, but here's how it plays out in my life.

I'm at Step aerobics last night and the class, for once, is small. I figure good chance for me to get this stuff down. I'm still klutzing my way through. Thursday night, I had to set up in the FRONT of the class which was humiliating.

OK, so Friday night I set up behind the instructor so I can learn the Step moves and lingo. The other three in the class were experienced Steppers, so I figured this was my chance advance my skill.

Things are going along fine... I'm Stepping away... and we do this move where we "power over" the step and now everyone is facing the back and facing me. I'm suddenly in FRONT.

Instructor says, "We're going to power over the step and into left V step." Translation: move to the other side of the Step bench, then step up beginning with your left foot.

Cool with me. I like powering over. So, we do the move and I hear her go, "Start left."

Fine. I can do that. I step up on the left three times, then power back over and am now facing the front of the room and I'm back in the back where I belong. We do some more routines, then wham! Power over again and we're all facing the back.

Instructor says, "Left V Step. LEFT! LEFT! LEFT!"

OK, gotcha. I'm V-Stepping left.

We do it again, later. She says, "V-Step. LEFT! LEFT! LEFT!"

I think, "Wow, why is she saying LEFT! LEFT! LEFT? Someone must not be getting it." But, I can't see behind me, so I figure they'll get it sooner or later.

Um, yeah, it was ME! I was the one not getting it. I'm telling you, I don't know my left from my right and now all the women in that class know, too. They were all looking at me when I was V- Stepping right instead of left!

You guys, I was the reason she was yelling, "LEFT! LEFT! LEFT!"

Ahhhh! But in my mind, I was V-Stepping left. Why? Because when we were on the right side, shall I say, correct side of the bench, facing forward, that's the left side to me. Just because we powered over doesn't mean left moved to the other side. Well, not in my mind.

Does this abnormality disqualify me from being like, er, a Navy Pilot or something?

Hurricane Dennis - The storm is passing by us about 275 miles west, but we are getting wind gusts and rain. This is a massive storm. Mom, Grandma and Danny will get lots of wind and rain in Tallahassee.

Tony tricked me into working in the yard with him today, but we had fun. We're all mulched for another year.

I'm STILL reading Shem Creeek. Can't seem to get it finished, but I'm almost there. I have so many other books I want to read - and they are here, in my house, waiting.

Talked with my bud, Tracey, today. And praying for my other bud, Chris, to feel better. Love you guys.

Long lost friends - A friend from long, long ago, Dennis Stricklin, called the other night. We talked for about an hour. It was great to catch up with him. He was in Homestead, Florida when we moved down there in '74. He lives up in Cocoa and called to first say how sorry he was about Dad dying, then to catch up on the last twenty-five years. I was fourteen when I met him, he was twenty-four. Good talking to you, Dennis.

Writing - Off to write.


Tracey Bateman said...

Good grief, Rach. That's the funniest thing I've read in ages. Oh man, wish I'd been there. You KNOW that's going in one of your chicklit books!! You HAVE to. Or I'm writing a book with a heroine named Rachel who does that. :)

Joel Hayes said...

Can you say Lucie Carmicheal (spellimg?). ROF-LOL!!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

ROFL I love that. Thanks for the laugh