Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Five things I miss about my childhood

My brother Joel wrote: You've been tagged! Now you have to write a post about 5 things you miss about your childhood. and then pass it on! Love you.

Ok, I'm game.

One, it's obvious. Dad. I miss my Dad. When he died so much of my childhood died with him.

Two, I miss playing and exploring the Shawnee State Forest in southern Ohio. The sound of gravel popping under car tires as we drive up Grandma's drive way.

Three, Christmas with the Hayes's, Taylors and Fausnaughs.

Four, playing with a bunch of friends, then running home to a warm house and Mom's cooking.

Five, 45's and long play albums.

I'm sure I could think of more. Snow days, living with my brothers and sister, etc. But you know these days are the best days.

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Sharon Hayes said...

It is so much fuan and a blessing to read "hear" what you (my children) remember about their childhood. I love it. Mom