Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No Place Like Home

I love visiting family and friends, but it always feels so good to be home. I slept so soundly.

It was back to the grind as soon as we got home. I had mail requesting I trim Lambert's Code by 7 pages. The printed version came out too long. I did that last night, but wish I could change more than a few lines here and there! Is a manuscript ever completely done?

I like the writing in this book, but wish I could rework the story a little. Oh well. It's good, so buy it! Hahaha.

I have Lambert's Peace galleys to do and finishing Hurricane Ally. Tony's niece and her family are coming today to check out the area. They want to move here. So, the house will be busy. I can always go to the library or coffee shop to write. Better, Barnes & Noble. No internet there.

You know a great place to write? My Grandma's house. So quiet and peaceful. She has about the most peaceful house. I love going there. She lives across the street from my Mom, who also has a peaceful house. But lately when I've been there, it's full of people.

Well, off to hang with Jesus for awhile. Peace.

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David said...

You know, I teased you before about saying "Peace" or "Peace out," but I've changed my mind. I like it. I think it suits you.