Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day - Thank YOU!

It's Memorial Day Weekend. My Grandpa Hayes served in WW I. My Uncle Porky and my father-in-law, John Hauck, served in WW II as well as my Grandpa Fausnaugh. My Uncle Dave served in Korea. Having a family member serve makes it more personal, yet no matter what, I honor and thank all those who laid down their lives for the cause of freedom.

Right now, I have two cousins serving in Iraq, and while some questions this war, I still say, "thank you" to those who are serving.

Thank you to my Grandpa's, my Uncles and father-in-law, thank you for serving. Thank you for fighting for freedom with courage. Thanks to all the U.S. Veterans, men and women, who served over the centuries for the cause of freedom.

I just hope my generation and the one that follows can appreciate the blood spilled for our freedom. I love the scene in "Remember the Titans" where Denzel Washington's character takes the football team to Gettysburg and reminds them it's hatred and misunderstanding caused brother to fight against brother.

"Thank you, Lord, for our freedoms. Let us never forget!"

It's Sunday, the house is quiet. I was watching Exreme Makeover Home Edition and crying. There's something about this show, and Oprah's show, when they give and do things for people. Makes me cry!

Tony went to kids camp. He'll be gone until Friday. My goal is to write the novella this week - as much as possible.

Eric came by for a copy of Lambert's Pride. He's going to read it. Should be interesting to see what he says. I reminded him that it is a sweet romance. My friend Ted read it and cried, but he's not the typical guy. I mean he's a guy's guy, make no doubt, but he expresses emotion without hesitation.


Robin Bayne said...

Enjoy your time alone, keep reading!

Lynette Sowell said...

Enjoy the moments. Wish we could "do lunch." :)