Friday, May 20, 2005

Killer Friday

Okay, I don't normally say "killer." How '80s, but I went to the Strong Class at the gym this morning. Killer!

Oh man, my arms and leg muscles were screaming, "Stop! Stop! You evil mean woman! Go back to the easy weight machines." Working with little eight pound free weights brought me to my knees. I had to finish the routine with five pound weight and that was with brute, mental force.

The good news? I'm taking the class again next week!

SALE ALERT! SALE ALERT! Tuesday I got an email from Becky Germany at Barbour. She bought the "Get Me To The Church On Time" anthology with Pamela Griffin, Lena Dooley, me and Lynette Sowell! My first anthology and I'm SO excited. This book will have four stories about four weddings that almost don't happen because of nasty mother nature. Think Forces of Nature. Mine will deal with hurricanes, go figure. Pamela's story battles a tornado. Lena deals with a blizzard and Lynette's characters beat out a wild fire.

Get Me To The Church On Time on sale Summer '06.

This sale excited me for two reasons. One, I got the idea after hurricane's Frances and Jeanne last year. I'm glad something good came out of those storms (besides all the babies about to be born.) Two, and MOST important, it was a first book sale for Lynette. She's been writing and submitting for a long time, and this is sweet victory. I'm proud of her and grateful for the sale!!

Other things I'm writing. My acknowledgements for Georgia On Here Mind. Thought I'd get a head start. Emailing with the copy editor on Lambert's Peace. I really like her. She's doing a good job.

A Word On Not Having Kids: My mom emailed that one of her co-workers asked how Tony and I feel about not having kids. Mom was going to direct her to my last post. But when I reread it, I don't think my true feelings were communicated.

The fact is, we are very much at peace about not being natural parents. It is 100% a God thing. He's spoken to our hearts many times about not being biological parents. In fact, not too long ago, at the Prayer Retreat, the Lord said to me, "I know you don't always understand, but trust Me. This is a good thing." And I felt His pleasure in that I trust Him about this.

You know, God calls us to different things. Some, He calls to celibacy, and we are cool with that in the Body of Christ. But believe it or not, God calls some to be childless. Tony and I are two of those people. Are children a blessing from the Lord? Absolutely! I love all the little ones in my life. Can't image not knowing them. But for some reason, Tony and I just have spiritual kids - you know who you are. Mother's Day I got two calls! Blessed my socks off.

Two days ago, one of my "sons" called and said, "Hey, I want to read your books. I thought, 'I love her, I need to read her books. See what she's writing.'" Talk about kissing my heart! Shew! And you know, the love that we get from other people's kids, is really, really special. They don't have to love us as secondary Mom and Dad. They are free to move on once they leave youth church. But they choose to love us.

That's how incredible God is. I love all my "kids!" Sometimes, we love kids more than they love us, but I think any parent can identify with that feeling.

Life is good. God is good. Peace out


Lynette Sowell said...

Rach, I relate to what you said about not having biological kids. God sends us all kinds of kids to "parent." Some things go beyond genetics!
~~Yes, I'm still floating on my sugar rush!!! What a week. GMTTC was your concept, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. :)

Robin Bayne said...

I can relate, Rachel. My stepson is the only "kid" I was meant to have--well, besides Patti the demanding Lhasa Apso : )

Heather Diane Tipton said...

congrats on the sale!! I am sooo happy for Lynette!! I know she has worked along time at this and she deserves it!

I love what you said about not having kids. I have never wanted kids, I love kids, kids love me but I've never wanted any of my own. Not even when I thought about being married. People are forever telling me that I will change my mind which annoys me to no end. LOL

David said...

"Peace out?" That's "killer!" You crack me up, Rach. Love you.