Saturday, December 11, 2004

Yule logs, baking cookies and man, I'm tired

Turning forty-four is like the Equator of age. Clearly, the middle of agedom. Double it and you've got eighty-eight. Another odd thing about forty-four is if you transpose the numbers, you still have forty-four. After this, I can't transpose the numbers 'cause it only makes me older. Forty-five transposed is fifty-four. Up until Tuesday, I could have been thirty-four instead of forty-three.

But I ramble. I think being in the southern hemisphere of life is already getting to me.

We skipped the In The Mantle II conference today. I was wiped out. We slept until eleven. But even more than needing sleep, the house needed cleaning, laundry needed doing and I had to make 4 dozen cookies for Tony's staff party.

Let's talk about that for a minute. How is it that I, the wife, have to make dozens of cookies for Tony's staff party? I volunteer all year long, and I end up supplying goods for his party? This does not make sense to me. Not to mention, I don't want to cookie swap four dozen other cookies to bring home. We do not need that many cookies.
Never once did Tony have to bring "a side" to one of my work Christmas parties. Makes you go, "Hum..."

I read a Fanny Flagg book, "The Redbird Christmas." Very good. Now I'm reading Steve Martin's "Shopgirl." I was reading Kate Chopin's "Awakening" but I have to confess... I skipped to the end and read the last page. I liked her style, but geez, get on with the story, eh?

Back to this weekend. A couple of take aways from Bob Jones of White Dove Ministires (not the university.) Wisdom whispers, don't ignore the slight impression in our spirit man, pray, pray for the president, pray for our troops and the end of this war. We've got a tiger by the tail and we have to complete the fight. Pray now for the next president, keep a short account with God, rest and abide in Him during prayer - our Daddy wants to talk to us. Be vocal, in love, about righteousness. Condoning sin binds the sinner.

I'm hungry and if I'm not hungry, I want to be. Not for food, but for the will of my Father.

I wish I could write more deep thoughts for you all to read, but I'm tired and my mind is fried. Hasta luego.

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