Monday, December 13, 2004

Santa Mouse is not real, and by the way, Merry Christmas

Driving to church yesterday I thought I'd listen to a radio station that's playing Christmas Carols. I tune in to hear a very smooth, tenor voice singing about Santa Mouse like Frank Sinatra singing a love song to Ava Gardner.

"Santa Mouusse. Santa Mouuusse." Who, I ask you, is Santa Mouse? The song was more than rediculous and I tried to picture someone like Frank or Bing Crosby or even Donny Osmond stepping up to the recording mic and giving his heart and soul to "Santa Mouse."

I'm a little urked that some small faction of this country has managed to replace the greeting Merry Christmas for Happy Holidays. What holidays? What's wrong with Happy Hanukkah during Hanukkah? Merry Christmas during Christmas, or Happy Kwanzaa (which I won't comment on) during that season. If we have to be so PC, then be PC all the way. It's hypocritical otherwise.

Cassie moved out today. Sad. All evening, I kept waiting for her to come home. But Carrie is home from FSU for Christmas and they only have one car between them, so Cassie had to go back home. We loved having her here and it's treasured time we'll always cherish with her.

Yesterday Shawn Bolz spoke at New Covenant. It was wonderful. If you ever get a chance to hear him, or read any of his books, do! He's probably one of my favorite people. Partly because it's a God thing, partly because he's so cool. He makes the Father real, heaven real, life in Jesus real and edifying. I felt like my spiritual palate was cleansed yesterday. It was what I needed. Tony and I got good prophetic encouragement. What we needed to press on and press in.

Carrie came over last night. I opened up the living room sleeper sofa and Carrie, Cassie and I curled up and watched "Young at Heart." Tony watched too, but I think he fell asleep a quarter of the way into it. I wasn't sure they would like the movie - Doris Day and Frank Sinatra, but they loved it. You guys loved it, right? We sang along with Doris which got us laughing pretty hard.

Me, Carrie and Cassie

I finished the other book I was reading. Stayed up until 3:00 a.m. Got up around 10 a.m., chatted with friends, then went to the library to work on Anywhere edits.

Now, it's time to go to bed. Is December flying by or is it just me.

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