Sunday, August 01, 2004

In The Fire Conference

Our fourth summer conference concluded last night. I say last night cause it's 2:15 am on Sunday, August 1.

In The Fire, the conference formerly known as One Thing was awesome. As always. God is so faithful, so good.

I'm tired, very tired. This conference required a lot of labor for me. I sang on the worship team and spoke at the Saturday night session after Tony's teaching. It went well. Tony said it was very good. His teaching was also very good!

Went back into worship and Javier had me walk among the crowd with the hand held mic and sing over people.

Singing in a worship setting like that is very taxing. It's a lot of emotional, even physical work. We had professional sound men doing a recording. There will be a CD from this.

It was really great worship. Javier LaBoy is a fantastic, anointed worship leader, but something was not the same this year as before. We missed Eric Exley being with us, though, Alex is an awesome drummer. I can't put my finger on what feels different now that I'm at home and quiet. Something in my heart, I guess.

We did have a few speakers from KC. Stuart Greaves is so faithful to this conference and bring out people out. He's part of the vision, he's facilitated it in so many ways. He's a brother and a friend.

Next week, my last week at work and time to focus on Lambert's Code. I'm so calling on God's grace to help me. I need Him and His creativity or it won't get done well. I really want this story done well.

Friday is my last day at Harris. So much is changing it seems.

I would like to get up to see Mom and Dad, but not until I'm in the editing phase of Lambert's Code.

I should get some sleep.

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