Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Software Tech by Day, Writer by Night

I resigned my job of many, many years. Tony and I finally decided it was time. We prayed and talked, talked and prayed. We felt it was the Lord's time.

Let me tell you about the Lord's timing. I've been in the same large office for almost five years. When the company's structure changed, when I went to three-quarter, then part-time, I offered to give up my office to another manager. Several were still in cubicals. No one took me up on it, and since I still dealt with customers the office was useful to me.

For about six months, Tony and I've been dialoging about when I should quit. Slowly, the grace leaked out and I just couldn't juggle ministry, work and writing anymore. Not willing to scale back on ministry, or writing, work was elected to go. Of course, that's the only thing that pays money, but.... :) Sometimes you have to leap and land in the hand of God.

Anyway, back to the office and the timing of my resignation. Unknown to me, another manager had finally voiced his desire for my office. His team is about to install several new sites and he'll need the space and the door.

Fifteen minutes after I printed out my resignation letter, my boss comes in and tells me about the office change request. Perfect. I hand him my resignation.  He could have told me two weeks ago, I almost resigned the day before, but the Lord timed it perfectly.

I've cried a few tears over leaving, but I have a huge peace about it. I'll miss my co-workers. They are my friends, but so much of our relationship is about work. I can't see me calling up in a few weeks asking, "So, what about so-n-so customer?"

Naw, too geeky.

So, I'm off on a new adventure.

God and me.

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