Thursday, August 12, 2004

Getting it together

First week
Well, not quite a whole week, but four days of freedom from day job. So far, so good. I'm a chapter behind in my writing schedule, but I'm going to remedy that as soon as I post this blog.

Lambert's Code is developing into it's own story - the writing a little different than Lambert's Pride. Since the hero and heroine are married, I have to show the rumblings of their conflict, hint at their weaknesses without making either of them look like a jerk. I'm enjoying the story, though it's still in rough draft.

I've started walking with Chelle in the mornings after prayer. I like getting up, praying then exercising. That leaves the rest of the morning and afternoon for writing. Evenings are still pretty busy, but that's not going to change anytime soon.

Lambert's Pride in Wal-Mart
Becky Germany, Senior Editor at Barbour, emailed that reprints were requested for Lambert's Pride, along with seven other Heartsong Presents titles, to sell in Wal-Mart as a trial run. If they do well, I guess we'll see Heartsongs in Wal-Mart eventually. Pretty cool, eh? Lynn's Key West anthology has done well and it's my guess her name on the cover got Lambert's Pride selected.

Had lunch with Carrie before she heads back to FSU tomorrow. She's doing well and surprised us all last night when she sat in on drums for Wednesday night worship. Nothing fancy, but a good, clean, steady beat.

Digging Wells
One of the Christianese buzz words today is "digging wells" or "redigging wells." I'm sure there is mega truth in restoring spiritual riches of the past, but the Holy Spirit impressed an angle on my heart last night I hadn't considered. We had a healing service at church - simply praying for the sick. At the end, I called forward those who sense a special calling or anointing to pray for the sick and/or miracles. The Lord has spoken that He's opening wells of healing at New Covenant. Suddenly it occured to me. These people are the wells. Not the building or some mystical hole in the atmosphere - as my mind imagined. It's the people, the saints, the Body of Christ who are the wells.

Jesus said He gives us living water. That water lives and dwells inside of us. Romans 8:11 says that we have the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead living in us and He will give life to our mortal bodies.

There maybe wells to dig up in the spiritual realm, but my guess is that the wells that need digging up are you and me. We must allow the Lord to spring up from our innerman.

Christ is me, the Hope of Glory.

End of Sermon.

Off to write more. That or take a nap, then write more.

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